Dog Town?!/ Cidade dos cachorros?!

Imagine a town. Filled with dogs.

All breeds and sizes.
All walking around neatly or fighting with each other.
But it doesn’t matter, since here is dog town.
The town of the all shorts of dogs.

I haven’t been feeling like writing about places lately… As you can probably tell since I haven’t been going that in a while.
I’ve also been enjoying these short talks about whatever comes to my mind! It’s always fun and easy.

So we’re currently in Medellin, to our surprise. It’s super hot here, even if it’s winter….

Coral got sick, and has been for a while now, I have been having struggles with itchi bites, and this is fancy dog town.

Been doing some research for Canada, any suggestions?
Also Costa Rica.

There’s a pool here at this apartment, sadly you need a hoddie to go in and Coral has been sick the whole time, so we got no chance.

Coral got a bubble gun, she was siding it in the park and a bunch of kids joined the game…
No being social…
And Mom was making Joao and I make friends but said Jose couldn’t talk or look at anyone until he’s 35.
Whaaaat?! Hahahah.

I played a little bit of Never Have I Ever and Two Lies One Truth with my besties today.
Super funny, but maybe it would be easier to play through Skype instead of texting….
Getting creative here! Hahaha.

One of these days we had bacon for lunch.
We ate salad with bacon and fries with like 100 different types of bacon.

We also ate at the same burger place twise, one day after the other.
It’s not our fault it’s good.

Mom’s also making us do these experiences and my legs are shore….
I feel like I’ve covered what I need to, any fun topics you guys would like to see me do next?
Maybe some funny yet weird or stuff like that moments of the trip… Seems funny! Well next time.

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you all next time~

Love, Melissa <3



Imagina uma cidade, parece ate um de algum filme.
Um monte de cachorros. Um monte.
E eles são os cachorros mais fabuloso do mundo entero.

Ola to do mundo!!!!
So eu Melissa de novo…
Eu esto gostando de escrever posts assim meio estranhos sem tima.
Eu não sei mais não estou com vontade de escrever posts sobre lugares…

Nos estamos em Medellin agora, nossa que quente e aqui… Estou morrendo de calor.
E isso aqui e inverno…

A Coral ainda esta doente, esta faz algums dias agora… Eu esto tendo problemas com picadas de mosquitos e aqui e a cidade dos cachorros… Legals? Estranhos?

Estamos procurando coisas legals para fazer em Canada e Costa Rica…
Algumas sugestões?

Tem uma piscina que nesse apartamento, mas precisa te toca de nadar e a Coral estava doente, então não tivemos sorte com isso.

A Coral compro uma arma de bolhas, ela estava usando no parque mas um monte de crianças vieram…
E a mãe fica falando que eu e o Joao precisa fazer amigos para achar namorados, mas o Ze não pode nem olha para ninguém ate ele tiver 35.

Um desses dias nos comemos bacon de almoço.
Bacon com salada e bacon com batatas fritas…

Também comemos no mesmo lugar de hamburger dois dias seguidos.. Hehehe..

A mae esta fazendo a gente fazer exercido… Minhas pernas…

Tem algums posts legals vocês querem que eu faço?

Ate a prosima~ Chão~~~~

Amor, Melissa <3

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