It’s crazy to think that October is already almost over. My friends and I were talking about it too, 2017 flew by so fast!!!
It’s also quite sad to know that soon I will have to leave Auckland, but it’s awesome then I get to go to Japan!!
You know what’s not awesome? I dropped my phone and cracked the screen…
I’m also super excited for Halloween, our costumes are great and even tho making cuts are hard, it turns out amazing afterwards.
I got to go to Motat Halloween this year with a few of my friends, I don’t really like scary stuff, but I do not regret going!
It was so much fun, except the part where I got chased by a dude with a pitchfork, but we don’t talk about that!
I also bought a lot of toffee…
Today’s post was interesting, oh well.
See you all next time! Don’t forget to comment and share!
Love Melissa <3
Ps. Are you into scary things? Yes? No? A tiny bit?

Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand.

E muito louco saber que Outubro ja estar acabando.
Naverdade, 2017 foi muito rapido.
E meio triste saber que logo logo, terei que sair de Auckland de novo, mais e legal porque Eu fou ir para o Japão!!!
Saber o que não e legal? Eu derrubei o meu telephone no chão E acabei cebrando ele!!! UGH!
Eu tamben estou muito ansiosa parar o Helloween, nossa fantasia e legal, e mesmo sendo dificiel fazer corters, fica muito legal no fim!
Eu foi para o Helloween MOTAT com as minhas amigas, eu não gostou de coisas de medo, mais foi tudo muito legal!! Eu não arepedi!
Nossa esse post foi bem louco, tudu bem!
Obrigado por lerem! Ti vejo no proximo post!!!
Amor, Melissa <3
PS. Vocé gosta de coisas de medo?
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