So far here in Auckland…

With little time in Auckland (NewZealand) left, there is much to do before our departure for the south island!
Welcome back to my posts, I hope you enjoy your stay as I catch you up on what’s been going on here with my life!
As you saw before, we will be heading to the south island for a bit before our departure to the snowy lands of Japan. Hopefully, we won’t all freeze in the attempts to head out for ramen! That would be a shame…
Lately, we have been packing, shopping, organizing and storing away stuff. Preparing our bags for another round around the world. Very exciting but quite tiring.
I have been enjoying these last few days with my friends, and we hope to be able to hand out at least once more before I leave.
So far its been so fun, so much excitement, it’s hard to contain my excitement while talking about it!
We’ve also finished Stranger Things 2, which WAS SUPER AMAZING! I could definitely write a post about that soon! It’ll mostly be me screaming my fangirl heart out!
That will be all for today, make sure to share this with your friends if you liked because I really appreciate it!
Until next time, byeeeee!
Love, Melissa <3
Ps.  Have you seen Stranger Things?


Com  pouco tempo sobrando aqui an Nová Zelandia, nos estamos favendo muito para preparer para nossa segunda ida envoulta ou mundo!
Benvinvindos devolta para o meu post, e esperem que gostão!
Nos estamos si preparando, arrumando as malas, guardando coisas, porque logo logo estamos na ilha su da Nova Zelandia!
Tambem compramos roupas de frio para nossa viajem para o frio de neve no Japão! Espero que não morremos de frio no caminho au lamen!  Eria ser uma pena…
Eu estou aproveitando o meu poquisimo tempo aqui com as mihas amigas, nossa tanta diversão estar sendo!
Tambem acabamos com Stranger Things 2, NOSSA QUE LEGAL. Eu posso escrever um post so sobre isso, mais eu moreria um pouco de fangirl.
Isso e tudo parar hoje, obrigado por lerem e eu ti vejo no proximo post!
Amor, Melissa <3
Ps. Vocé gosta de Stranger Things?
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