Cold Lakes.

And welcome back to Little Llamas,
we’ve been good here. Not up too to much since I last posted.
So on the way here, we stopped by to grab some cookies from the Cookie Time Bar at Queenstown.
That was nice, what is not nice is that, the sun, is so, so, so hot here. Its painful.
Since it was so hot, we went for a little swim in the lake, and it was freezing cold. Duh, theres snowy mountains in the background, of corse it is cold.
So theres a problem where the sun is boiling hot, and the water is freezing cold.
We’ve also been getting quite a bit of Starbucks, and I have been obsessed with the Christmas special, peppermint mocha. Which is amazing.
There was a bug overload in our room last night because I left the window open because it was so hot, and we had to get them out one by one.

Flys are attacking me now, I shall go.
Thank you so much for reading, if you enjoyed make sure to comment and share!
See you all in my next post! Goodbye!!

Love Melissa <3
PS. Cold or hot weather?


E bem vindos au Little Llamas,
Nos estamos de bom aqui, não muito aconteceu deis da ultima vais que eu postei.
No caminho ate aqui, nos passamos em Queenstown, para pegar umas bolacha no Cookie Time Bar.
Que foi delicioso.
Mais o sol aqui e muito quente. Muito, Muito quente. Então ontem nos fomos para o lago para nadar, a agua e muito frio. Também né, tem montanhas com neve em todos os lados.
Estamos com o problema que o sol ta muito quente e a agua estar muito frio.
Ontem o nosso quarto foi attakados pelo bichos, então nos tivemos que tirar eles, um por um.

Tem um monte de moscas mi atakando, eu vou ir.
Obrigado por lerem, esperou que gostou. Si você gostou, não esquecer de comentar e da um share!
Ate a próxima, Tchão!

Amor, Melissa <3
PS. Preferi frio ou quente?

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