Whos getting ready for the lovely christmas time coming up very soon?! Anyone?! Hahahah.

I’m bracing myself for the cold that will come our way in our white christmas we will be spending in Japan… Good luck to us, hopefully we don’t turn into ice pops!
We went down to Bluff a few days ago to take a hike there, I ended up coming back alone ahead because everyone else was super tired to walk faster, I just sat there for ten minutes waiting for then to finish and they were all dieing. It was quite funny.

They were even super tired to take the picture with the sign!! Hahahah!
i’m about to pack my bags, soon we will be back in Auckland, and off to Japan! I wish future us the best!
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Do you enjoy the snow? Tell me in the comments bellow and I will talk to you all next week!!!
Love, Melissa <3



Alguem estar si preparando para o natal?! Não?! Hahahah, Eu estou mi preparando para o frio do Japão aonde nos vamos estar esse Natal. Boa sorte para gente! Tentar não virarem sorvete!!

Nos fomos ate Bluff ums dias atrais, para fazer uma caminhada. Eu voltei na frente sozinha porque eles estavão muitos cansados! Hahaha, eu so esperei ums deis minutos, ate eles finalmente chegarem! Eles nem aguemtavão tirar uma foto direito!!! HAhahhaha

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Ate a próxima fez, tchão!!!
Amor, Melissa <3

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