Guys, we have been ever so terribly sick this week. Like all of us, it started on João so I blame everything on him.
Since we have been sick I was too lazy to write the Universal Studios post and spent most of my time watching Marvel and drawing on my hands.
Turns out Nagoya is so it colder then Osaka, I’m hoping Tokyo is as ‘warm’ as Osaka.
We really need to get better soon, before Disneyland at least! Because I am too exited and don’t want to miss it!
Also it was very rude of me last week, Happy Late New Years. Hopefully it started off good for you!
Because 2018 on the internet doesn’t seem to have started too lovely…
Have a good week everyone! Hope to see you next time!
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And click here to see my next week’s post!!! Just kidding, you’ll have to stick around for that! Bye!


Gente, nos ficamos super doentes essa semana.
Porcaulsa disso, eu não escrevi o post do Universal e ficei assistindo Marvel e desenhando na minha mão.
Espero que meloramos logo, pelo menos antes da Disney, porque eu não quero perde a Disney!!!!
Nagoya na verdade e mais frio que Osaka, espero que Tokyo seja melhor.
Foi bem mão educada de min ultima semana, Feliz Ano Novo! Foi meiho tarde…
Origado por lerem, espero ti ver no meu próximo post!
Click e aqui para ir para o meu ultimo post, e tchão~~

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