Japan, for no reason whatsoever. /// Japão so por que eu quis. _____ João.

This post, like the title describes, has no reason.

No story.

No theme.

Wait actually it has a theme


But for no reason.

And we’re going back to Japan!


Not yet.

Anyways, welcome to this post, I hope you enjoy reading!

Well, Japan is really awesome.

According to Melissa, it is “Not from this world.”


And it is so futuristic.

They even made a singing robot that looks at you, whereever you are.

Technology is aweosme.

And not only that, but the food is epic as well.

Like sushi, ramen, all that stuff is great.

I also like the gyoza (pan fried dumplings).

And arcades are all over the place! Plus there is this specific place I liked.


I wonder where it is. I think Tokyo.

Yeah. If you’re planning on going to Tokyo, go there.

By the way the website is in Japanese…

It was very great.

Everything seems so… real.

I looooved it.

So much.

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