Who wants to here a funny story? I feel like you do! So why not sick around….
So funny story memory from something that happened recently…

We were given a deal from a tour company and they gave us all free tickets.
So we went, it was really fun.
At a park we were at for part of the tour, they had these paddle boats.
So naturally, we had to go.

Me and joao went on a two person one, it was very tricky, but we were maneging.
After a while of paddling around a lake, we were pretty far from the docks, so we decided to go back.

But then, just then.
My paddle stops working.

It wouldn’t turn back or front,but if only Joao paddled we would just keep going in circles.
So, us stuck in the middle of the lake. Start…
Laughing at how stupid this looks.

We started waving at Mom and dad who were on land but they didn’t notice.

I, luckily brought my phone (Which I almost dropped into the water,) I texted them asking them for help.
Something like this.
It didn’t help since they didn’t see it and it wasn’t delivering.

So, we sit there.

Until Mom notices and tells dad, dad tells the man who worked there and he came to save us.
He picked us up on his little boat.

Either then that, our day was fantastic.
I guess it turned out to be a pretty good story to post.

Hope you enjoyed this post and can’t wait till next one!!
Comment down below what you would have done if you were stuck!!!
I’m curious…
Until next one guys!
Love Melissa ❤

Querem oulvir uma estoria engrasada? EU acho que voce quer entao porque nao fica?

Um desses dias nos fomos para um parque, e la, tinha ums barquinhos dear pedalo.
Então, nos tivemos que ir.

Eu e o Joao fomos em um den duas pesouas.
Foi legal, nos estavamos felizes.
Ate quando, a genre estava longe da terra.
O meu pedalo paro de andar….
Não ia para a frente ou para a trais..

Si so o Joao pedalava a gente ia em círculos.
Nos estávamos presos, no meio do lago…
A gente comeco a ri, a gente estava rindo porque isso era muito burro.

Eu torce o meu telephone, mais quase derrubei.
Mandei uma mensagem para a mae e o pai, deu alguma coisa assim…


A mensagem não chegou para eles, estão nos so ficamos la.
No meio da agua.

Ate que finalmente a mae vio a gente parado e falou para o pai.
O pai falou para o moco, ele veio nos salvar em um barquinho.

Que dia mais engrasado…
Tudo foi bem, eu estou viva.

Ate a próxima gente!
Mi fala o que voce fazeria si voce estava preso…

Amor, Melissa. 💜

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