So, today I was like: “I don’t have a post idea…”

Like usual.
I sat down and thought of what I could write about.

Right now I’m dying my hair, so I thought I could write a post about my hair, about colourful hairs.
That was a good idea excpet that, I still don’t know much about it.

Earlier today we went to the supermarket,  I saw ‘Mint Oreos’.
Lately I’ve been so obsessed with Oreos (I eat them for breakfast, I know, unhealthy.)
I’ve also come across many different types of Oreos.
 I’ll probably write a post for each of the ones I try, and then I can tell you  if they’re good or not!

I also have a bigger obssession with Pink Lemonade.
Oh my Irene I love pink lemonade so much… Not only is it lemonade, but it’s pink.
I herd about pink lemonade for the first time  in the movie ‘The Sound of Music’, which I loved. (Yes I did)
And when I herd of pink lemonade in real life,  it became my life.
I’ve also tried many of those, so I could possibly talk about that too.

Yeah my future posts do sound a little weird.
That’s me for you, and if you have just found Little Llamas (World Trip Diaries,) you should stay! Have a look around.
Make sure to comment and share this post with your friends!

Comment ideas of posts you wanna see, so I don’t end up writing posts like these again.
Also your thoughts on my posts!
I’ll see you all next week!

Love, Melissa!



Então, hoje eu pensei.
Eu Não tenho um post preparado (como sempre.)
Sentei e tive que pensar, o quer que ia escrever.

Eu estava pintando o meu cabelo então pensei em escrevendo sobre cabelos coloridos.
Mas ainda não sei tanto sobre os cabelo coloridos, então vou deshar para outra vez.

Mais cedo hoje comprei um Oreo Menta.
Eu esto comendo Oreos de cafe da manhan (sim, não deveria), então provei um monte de sabores.
Pensei en escrever sobre os Oreos desse mundo.
Que seria bem gostoso! hahahaha!

Eu também to tomando limonada rose, bastante.
Nossa eu amo limonada rose, e minha vida dês do filme ‘The Sound Of Music’. (sim)
Eu ja tomei em to do o mundo, e tem bastante boms e bastante ruins…
Então isso seria um post bem legal.

Sim os meus posts são estranhos! Eu também sou!
Benvindas a Little Llammas!

Comenta algums posts que você quer ver no futuro (para eu parar de fazer posts assim), e si você gosto das minhas ideias!
Ate a próxima! Tchau!


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