Dinosaur / Dinossauro

Hellllllllloooooo everyone!
How are you all doing?

But today I have a sign to talk about!
If you have been to World Trip Diaries you’ll know that I posted a very long post on depressing signs.
Its great so you should check that out. But anyway,

I’ve got a few more signs to share but one per post is enough.
I found this sticker stuck to a post box here in Canada.
Its honestly so amazing.

This T-Rex is doing it well.
Look at them being all sassy and cool!
This made my day, because who doesn’t want a dino-fairy in their life?
I know I do…

Hope you enjoyed looking at this t-rex but I’ve got to go.
I’ve got many of these to share with you guys, this world is just crazy and has many.

Until next time!

Love, Melissa



Oiiii gente!
Tenho bastante para falar mais eu não estou com vontade de falar sobre eles…
ENTÃO, vou falar sobre algumas outras placas… Esquisitas…
Eu fiz um post assim no World Trip Diaries com UM MONTE, de placas (Vai serrrr), então aqui tem mais um!

Esse aqui achei aqui em Canada.

Olha esse T-rex.
Todo mundo prisisar dele na sua vida.
Todo mundo prisisar de um t-rex com asas de fada.

O dinossauro mais chique da sua vida estar aqui.

Eu tempo mais alguns e quero falar sobre eles mais eu tanque ir…
Tchao~ Ate a proxima!

Melissa <3

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